A dramatization of the moment we told Molly and Ben.  Elliott's first reaction not worth repeating.

A reenactment of the moment we told Molly and Ben. Elliott’s first reaction was not worth repeating.

First post!  One of our (ok mine mostly) biggest worries was the reaction our kids would have to our crazy plan.  Selling belongings, moving schools and leaving friends are things that I didn’t imagine a 10 year old as social as Elliott would understand too well.  After months and months talking in code to each other, Erica and I finally let the kids in on the plan on 4/21.  My carefully scripted notes went out the window as Erica just let fly.  The contrast in styles was well documented during this parenting moment.  We started by telling them that we had some very exciting plans to share. We were going to go on a family adventure and live in Argentina for a year! Ben guessed it before she could finish and was super excited. Molly just jumped up and down. It took Elliott a few seconds to absorb “one year.” After a few minutes of rebellion and refusals to go, he asked if he’d be able to play soccer on the field we’d showed him a photo of from our scouting trip the week prior. A hasty confirmation on our part sealed the deal. No more questions from the clan. For now. Whew. Resiliency of children confirmed.  Away we go.  Ben does now ask for a daily countdown to departure though.

10 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I too am requesting a daily count-down…. not because I can’t wait, but because I need time to adjust. Kids are resilient—- adults? Not so much.

  2. Hysterical. I can see the two of you and your “approach”. Erica, I’m a “rip the bandaid off” type too. Let ‘er rip!

    You guys are awesome and Elliott will come around, in reflection 15 years from now, youll all see only the good that came from this. You’re very blessed.

    Do keep up the blog. Its great!

  3. Fun port, Rob! Thank you for letting us live vicariously through your adventure. While I’m sad to see your family go, I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Wow-oh-wow! This will be a wonderful adventure for all of you. I’m really proud of you for making this happen. Can you hear Gildee shrieking??

  5. What a great idea. The kids will love it, and they will appreciate the language as they grow older. My 3 years in Brazil were a defining experience in my life, and I am sure your children will feel the same, particularly since you both will have the language skills to keep their Spanish current. Tell us more details about your plans; I’d love to hear them. And Suzanne (hi!) is right. I can hear Gildee right now.

  6. What a great idea. You won’t regret it and the kids are just the right ages to learn the language. And with your immersion course, you’ll be able to keep their Spanish current as they grow up. My 3 years in Brazil were a defining event in my life, and this will be in your kids’ lives too. Suzanne (hi!) is right, I can hear Gildee too.

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