What Now?

After years of dreaming, planning and saving, the adventure is over.  We’ve returned to Portland and for the most part, resumed our past lives.  We’re in the same house and the kids are in the same school.  Erica and I are bittersweet about our return in many ways.  So much went into the year and it passed so quickly.  We miss our wonderful Córdobese friends, asado, besos, vino, the exchange rate…I’m not excited to return to the rain.  On the other hand we’re back amongst old friends and family.  We are determined to keep the memories alive with photos, speaking Spanish and simply talking about the experience.  I hope this blog aids in the process for our kids as they move ahead in life.   Part of the experience we’ve mutually shared will be the impact it makes down the road.  As parents, we watch for signs of how our kids are different now.  It’s strangely easy to fall right back into the same habits and lives we left a year ago.  Where do we go from here?  We have a great sense of accomplishment that our plan seemingly worked.  We set an audacious goal and achieved all we could have hoped to.  How do we top that?  For now, that answer hinges on my job search.  Regardless, we’ll continue to instill the value of travel, diversity and a global education in our kids.  If history is any indicator, we will likely hit the reset again someday.  I’m excited to find out where we go next.

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