In 2000 Erica and I hit the restart button with a 6 month adventure to Asia.  Things turned out pretty well that time around and we never regretted the experience.  Although our burdens, possessions and responsibilities are considerable larger now, this was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss.  Life is short.  We believed we needed to do this before our oldest, Elliott, entered middle school.  We were also simply ready for the reset button again.  We’re fortunate to share the same idealistic gene perhaps, but Erica and I had always dreamed of moving to an exotic, Spanish-speaking locale with the kids.  Rather than a nomadic existence we experienced in Asia 13 years ago, we’re sought to immerse in a community and develop ties to a people and culture we grew to love.  The risk was worth the reward and the family experience in our minds.  When we eventually realized this plan was financially feasible and realistic, the decision was easy.  Providing a once in a lifetime experience for our kids and to see the world in a different light drove this decision.

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