Feliz Halloween!

This past Saturday we hosted a Halloween party for the kids and their friends.  October 24th was Erica and Ben’s birthday so even more reason to throw a party!  Erica went all out on this one and created fun games and invitations for the kids to hand out at school.  The kids had fun drawing their own Halloween decorations and taping them up around the house, and we borrowed some awesome decorations from our friend Gaby.   Trick or Treating door-to-door isn’t common in our barrio so it was a fun experience for a lot of the kids.   Apparently the invite was a hot ticket at the boys school, since we heard a few stories of 6th grade girls sneaking in.   It was a lot of fun to see the kids show up in their costumes (some arriving on the back of scooter with their parent).  I manned the gate and had lots of beso practice with the kids and padres.  I’m pretty good at the various forms of greeting in Spanish now.  Erica had the kids bobbing for apples, trick or treating inside the house, and of course eating alfajores off strings.  Check out the video for evidence.   Since RSVP’ing isn’t too popular here, we had no idea on attendance, but we’re guessing 60 kids showed up.  It was absolute chaos, the house was a mess, but it was great to see all the kids having a great time.  Often parents simply drop their kids off for parties and return at the designated hour.  I think we had a number of parents stay this time since there’s a level of curiosity about who we are and what the hell we’re doing here.   A number of the kids brought gifts for the kids.  All three received some version of perfume, deodrant, or cologne.  Elliott thinks that the girl that gave him the deoderant spray might be trying to send him a message.   Needless to say, our house tends to smell a bit different now.