Bagna Cauda


The culinary delights continue in Córdoba as we had the good fortune yesterday to enjoy bagna cauda for the first time.  Bagna cauda is a wickedly good winter dish, traditionally from Italy.  As is the case with locro, each family seems to have their own secret recipe.  Bagna cauda tends to either be oil or cream based, with garlic and anchovies making up some of the key ingredients.

Bagna cauda is eaten communal-style like fondue.  Our friend German has not only master asador skills, but also a wonderful bagna cauda recipe.  While the kids chowed on choripan, the adults dipped away with accompaniments like chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, milanese, carrots and bread.  It’s a deliciously salty dip that’s heavy on the garlic, always a good thing in our minds.  The rule of thumb apparently is one head of garlic per adult.  Yikes.

Kids table with choripan

Another beautiful Sunday spent with friends, wine, great food, and a little Fernet con coca.

Dipping treats

7 thoughts on “Bagna Cauda

  1. You should consider opening an Argentine restaurant in PDX. There is so much missed for us South American expats.

  2. Hi Rob, Loved your newsy letter and Erica’s as well .When do you leave for Brazil and where will you go . I just can’t wait to hear . We are off to just a beautiful summer .It has been in the high seventies here in C.O. Jim has been working on the Coast in Gold Beach helping Ryan Ringer open his third hardware store in Port Orford ! We are all well and just want you to know that we think of you all often. Miss you and love you . Patty

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  3. I swear, every time you guys post about food it makes me hungry! That sounds fantastic–I hope you are compiling an amazing Argentinian cookbook!

    • Even better, Beth! One of my students, who is 82, has given me some of her family recipes!!!!! She also gave me a cookbook in Spanish and English! The woman thinks of everything! She is someone I will miss so much when we come home.

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