Feliz Ano Nuevo!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind since Erica’s parents arrived on Christmas Eve.   We put them on the Argentine-culture fast track the day they arrived by joining some friends for Christmas mass and dinner until the wee hours.  That day also marked a week long vacation for our camera as it disappeared in a cab and miraculously was returned after much searching and detective work.  The driver along with the concern and assistance from friends affirmed our faith in humanity with an amazing display of honesty.  We were disappointed to find much of the city’s sights shuttered until February during the Stevens stay, but we managed to enjoy the pool until our pump finally gasped its last during the heat wave last week.  Argentina has just wrapped up a record-breaking heat spell.  The local heat index in Cordoba topped 111 degrees one day.  The heat, resulting power outages, and temporary loss of the camera contributed to a blip on our senses this past week, so it’s amazing how our emotions are so quickly restored with cooler temps and the return of lost possessions.

Mystery pics on our camera upon return indicate an interesting week elsewhere

Mystery pics on our camera upon return indicate an interesting week elsewhere

Argentina’s culinary delights and excesses lived up to its reputation during the holidays as well.  We managed to fit in 5 asados in 10 days including a wonderful overnight trip to Dique Los Molinos with our friends Tom and Gaby.  Gaby and her family are largely to blame for our selection of Cordoba in April.  Erica and I met Gaby the same day she invited us to her family’s lake house to the south of Cordoba, marking her as a true Cordobesa.  Along with Erica’s parents, we celebrated Ano Nuevo along with 20+ family members at the lake house complete with turkey and fuegos artificiales (fireworks).


Elliott & Malena ringing in 2014

Since we hadn’t eaten enough, the next day the feasting continued with an afternoon asado on the most impressive parrilla in the province of Cordoba.  Gaby’s father Tindero served up delicious chorizo, bife de chorizo, and bondiola to over 50 family members.  We were thrilled to be able to share in this annual affair and for the Stevens to bear witness to the chaos that is an Argentina family asado.  The pool party that followed lunch was topped off by a 2 liter Coke bottle mixed with Fernet (signature Cordobese beverage) passed communally.  Much to my chagrin I haven’t been able to get my father-in-law to admit that Fernet & Coke really is a great drink! dscn4847 The holidays have been yet another reminder of how blessed we have been to meet such welcoming people in Cordoba.

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