Today we had a glimpse of the crazy weather we’ve heard all about here in Cordoba when the heat starts cranking up.   Outside of one massive rainstorm a few weeks ago, we’ve had gorgeous weather since August.  Oddly enough, in Cordoba the winter is incredibly dry, while spring and summer tend to bring the bulk of this region’s precipitation.  This afternoon was hot and muggy but otherwise beautiful.  About 30 minutes before this storm the wind picked up and clouds rolled in.   We could hear a massive roaring sound and realized what was coming just a few minutes before it arrived.  The windows in a car parked outside our house shattered, and we has some minor damage and flooding.   Trees on the street look shredded of branches and leaves.  Mother Nature impresses again.

One thought on “Hail

  1. Welcome to Latin America’s midwest and tornado alley

    Rodrigo Aguirre 3rd Grade Dual Immersion Teacher Beach Elementary School


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