WARNING: Cuteness Alert!

Feliz after her second day at the jardin

Feliz after her second day at the jardin

So those of you who know me well enough know that I wouldn’t usually write a “cutesy” title like the one above, but the little smocks that they wear in Argentina in preschool are so dang cute, what else could I write?

Molly has recently started preschool (jardin) here in Cordoba, and so far, so good! The jardin is called Sui Generis,  and according to my Spanish teacher, that is also the name of a crazy former Argentine band http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sui_Generis.  The community center/gym in which the preschool is housed has an indoor and an outdoor pool, so Molly and her jardin buddies get to go swimming twice a week.  She’s thrilled!  The teachers are warm and loving (like all the teachers seem to be here), so it is the right place for us!

Molly says her favorite thing about her preschool is the pool, but she hasn’t even gone in yet:  tomorrow’s the first swimming day.

Molly was ready for this big change:  she needs an outlet for her energy, we want her to have some friends her own age, and we want her to learn more Spanish!  We are so very fortunate because jardins seem to be about as common as Starbucks in Seattle here, and her’s is two blocks away.  From 9:30 – 12: 30 she plays, sings songs, does crafts, swims, has an English class, and eats snack.  A lovely way to spend her mornings while the boys, Rob and I work away the hours working on our Spanish, and grade school curriculum.

The boys are still playing rugby, and this past weekend it was COLD, and the boys raced over the field to keep warm.  Apparently, they were playing the Jailbirds.

Ben on the take-down

Ben on the take-down


Elliott on the run

Elliott on the run

The pool is full now, and someone came to clean it today.  They had some pretty specific instructions for me, but I didn’t really get it all, so if our skin falls off the first time we take a dip, I’ll know we used too much chlorine.  Maybe we should just invest in someone to take care of that for us.  Now all we need is the weather to warm up.

We’re headed to the “mountains” this weekend for a long weekend, so maybe we’ll be able to swim when we get back!

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