Smoke & schedules

Our corner for necessities

Our corner for necessities

It’s been a big week for Mother Nature in Cordoba.  This past week we’ve had 100 degree days and 60 degree days.  High winds and no winds.  Massive brush fires surrounding the city have been somewhat contained now, followed by an earthquake nearby on Wednesday night!  It was centered near Alta Gracia and shook the house for a few seconds. Earlier in the week the city was hazy with smoke and bits of ash in the air.

We’ve spent the week getting more organized and established with school, work and life here, but can’t help but feel pretty guilty and privileged to be able to provide our kids with this opportunity, yet events like the fires and realities such as the weak peso cause others to suffer all around us.  After we hosted our first asado on Sunday, we discovered that our friend Dolore’s family house outside of Cordoba was destroyed.

We have begun to figure out schedules around siesta along with our weekly grocery and meal plans.  We are juggling schedules sans car for shopping, walking the kids to school, paying bills, watching Molly and coordinate house repairs, and set up services like water and security.  Budgeting each week is coming together gradually.  Erica is starting to pick up more English teaching gigs.  Erica and I start Spanish classes 2x per week starting next week and the boys have joined a local rugby team!  The boys are meeting lots of new friends at school and despite some very persistent older girls, they seem to be having fun and becoming fluent fast.  Ben actually wrote a note to one girl that said, “No me gusto, basta!”  Hearing the boys speak with their friends at rugby practice has been a thrill.  First match tomorrow might yield another post soon!


Smoky sunset at rugby practice

3 thoughts on “Smoke & schedules

  1. Rob, Good to read your new post. Was the family house of your friends destroyed by fire or earthquake? Headed for Collier Parkthis morning. Big flooding near Boulder in Colorado.>

    Take care!

    Love Dad

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