Moving Day


Movers at the house all day today dodging kids underfoot.  The Vaughn family spent our last night at Castle Ave on Tuesday night (until someday).  We move in with the Krogh’s for the next 2 nights and get some quality cousin-time in before Friday afternoon.  Flights confirmed and bags mostly packed.  Kids are either unusually cranky and crazy or beginning to act out on the unsettled nature of our life right now.  We’re hoping to reestablish a routine of sorts in a week as school in Turrialba gets going.  It’s been a massive yet satisfying project to purge and pack.  Erica and I can’t believe how fast time if moving these last few days.  We’re getting pretty anxious and hope the real excitement kicks in on the plane Friday.  Last night on the way to yet another goodbye dinner with friends, Elliott observed that we’re sure having dinner with a lot of people lately.  The goodbyes are getting tougher and frequent, but this still doesn’t faze the kids.  Rodrigo (his 3rd grade teacher) asked him if he was excited.   He said yes, but was referring to the upcoming sleepover at his cousin’s house.  Ah to live in the moment as a child.


One thought on “Moving Day

  1. Ooh, congrats on moving day! I just realized (from Erica’s Facebook) that you guys are blogging about this adventure – that’s so cool, and Mike and I are excited to follow along. Have a fabulous and safe trip down!

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